With variety of website services, security and marketing are made by our professional, Vicoders will help you leverage all the power of technology to increase sales and reach potential customers.

With more than 10 experience years, Vicoders is confident to meet every request, to create the best quality website and applications


With the leading professional, Vicoders is confident to own advertising tool of Facebook and Google Adword to promote the business widely.


Checking vulnerability monthly and fix incidents, increase stability of website before the challenges from all sides


Analyze and evaluate the current website situation, from which to plan the optimization of SEO standard website, increase the coverage of business to customer.


To secure and encrypt exchanged messages between business and server, in order to increase image, brand and reputation business.


It is the piece that helps business become professional, convey the slogans of business to customer on the most effective way.

Vietnamese Professionals, International Standards

Choose Vicoders to design your website. We are the professional web designer and expert developers, the human want to create the perfect and effective website,  optimize responsive mobile.
We understand and implement request of customer quickly with quality product.
 We can understand comprehensive understand the customers’ needs and turn them into reality, we are a experience and knowledgeable team and always provide advice and the best solution. We respect time of our customers and our budget. We always use open sourse technology whenever appropriate to keep your low costs. If you have any question, please contact us, we are look forward to hearing something from you. Let us become partner website development of you in VietNam.
Please contact us to get free quotation for website development project in future. Your satisfaction is our motivication!
  • Design, build website – app for individual business
  • Upload your website hosting storage
  • Apply the newest technology
  • Optimize the best sourse code for SEO
  • Optimize quality and cost
  • Intergrate multi payment services
  • The high security
  • Check and patch vulnerabilities
  • Set up configuration to prevent Brute Force Attack
  • Repair plugins and modules, components with security vulnerabilities
  • Assign to allows each directory to prevent hackers.
  • Set up more layers of security to increase the security of the site.
  • Using .htaccess file protect website
  • Use CDN to ensure and increase site stability
  • Time remaining
  • Refund for you if we can not fix the problem
  • Sustainable SEO is not affected as Google changes the algorithm
  • Overall / Keyword SEO
  • Effective Adwords
  • Multi-channel marketing for business
  • Create brand coverage and branding, high conversion / acquisition capabilities
  • Research, understanding users, opponents
  • Always monitor, follow and adjust
  • Report of the situation, periodic results


Website, Mobile App
With our in-depth knowledgeable team of experts, we always provide our customers with the best solutions for building a website, the suitable application, with the reasonable budget and time.
Vicoders provide tactics on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and white hat SEO strategies to help your site be indexed and ranked high with Search Engine Result Pages.
Vicoders can provide the best service to customers by building strong security systems to block DDOS, recovering after hacked sites, offering lasting solutions to protect information.
If you have any problem, you need advice, let call us or send email to us whenever.