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SSL Certificate

Why do we need integrate SSL Security?

One of the biggest impediment which any company meets on the way to conquer new customers and also potential customers, these is how to gain the customers’ trust. Especially, if your website must be required to supply sensitivity information: user name, password, credit card information… So you need make sure those inportant customers’ infomation to be secured.

Interagrating SSL security for websites help to Improve customers’ trust

SSL Cetificate used advanced encryption to prevent hacker read any incoming and outgoing data from your website. Your website was integrated SSL Cetificate equivalent to you are legal organization and your codes are safe and encrypted.

If you still have not updated these global security standards for your websites yet, let register ASAP to increase search rankings and promote business.

Information service

Website, Mobile Application
WordPress, PHP, Javascript, Angular JS, Node JS...
Link project
Corporate prestige
The strict allocation mechanism should minimize the cases of fraud, fraud
Safe transactions
SSL encryption, the absolute confidentiality of sensitive information in the process of online transactions
SEO benefits
SSL for websites is considered by Google to be an important measure of website ranking
More reliable
Google Chrome dislays text "NOT SECURE" with non-SSL and anonymous web pages
Increase conversions
According to GlobalSign, 84% of users will abandon their purchase if data is sent over an unsecured connection
Increase Traffic
Highly ranked websites in search results always have higher traffic than low ranking websites
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Integrating SSL Cefiticate Service at Vicoders

Vicoders offers integrated SSL Cefiticate Service for websites, free installation and initialization for customers. You will receive a Domain Name Verification (DV) certificate within 3-5 minutes from ordering from our system, fast and easy to use.

  • Secure and encrypt the exchanged messages between the browser and the server
  • Secure transactions between customers and enterprises, the system access services
  • Webmail and applications security
  • Secure virtualization applications, cloud computing applications
  • FPT Security service
  • Secure access Control pannel
  • Secure transferring data services in local area network, file sharing
  • VPN Access Server security, Citrix Access Gateway
vicoders customer 2

Vicoders is one of the most patient PHP expert I have ever worked with on People Per Hour. I am so pleased with their excellent work. The most amazed thing is that Vicoders went out of scope and accommodated all my observations during the course of testing the works on my website without additional cost.

vicoders customer 5
Geren Richardson

Job well done, this freelancer went above and beyond to provide an excellent solution for this project, will gladly work with him again in the future.

vicoders customer 4
Drew Wiltjer

I had a great experience working with Vicoders. They understood my complicated project very well and adapted expertly as the project grew and changed. I was impressed by their willingness and ease in adapting as challenges came up. I am very satisfied with the project.

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Paul Castronova

I have worked with Vicoders now on a variety of projects. They provide a great deal of expertise and is always professional. I really appreciate the manner they conduct business and communicates. He asks for clarification if instructions are unclear, which assures that you are getting the product you are expecting.

Vicoders Customer Elise
Elise Forsyth-Mort

A fantastic outsourcer to work with. Completed work on time and to an extremely high standard. Excellent work, thank you so much Vicoders!

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Sameer Tejani

Vicoders went through multiple options to make sure that the final design matched our overall design of the site. And when we went live, he was available to make changes based on user feedback – really appreciate that.


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Head of Security Department
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Website Security Specialist
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